Registration fees:

  • $170.00 for 1 adult
  • $340.00 for 2 adults
  • $510.00 for 3 adults

To register, use the PayPal link below.

Rooms are assigned ahead of time so that we can accommodate any special needs (i.e. trouble walking or climbing stairs), roommate requests and keep groups together. Please email these requests to:

If you are registering for extra persons, please email the names and email addresses of those attending with you at

Using the drop-down menu below, you can register for up to three people. Be a little patient with Paypal as it loads.

OR,  you can go to directly to PayPal and send us the registration money by using our email address,

If you want to register by mail, please email

Single-Multiple registrations

We would like to be able to offer scholarships, however, all scholarships come from donations. Please use the link below if you are able to donate to our scholarship fund.

Refunds: We plan the space needed based on the registration numbers. If you aren’t able to attend the retreat, we can only refund your payment if we have someone else on the waitlist to take your spot.To reserve a room, call 888-613-9622 or go to

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